Crisis Stabilization

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide mental health care and assistance to clients experiencing acute mental health dysfunction requiring immediate clinical attention. *Coming soon….we will be servicing children and adolescents ages 5-12 in our Residential Crisis Stabilization program!!!!


  • To prevent exacerbation of a condition;
  • To prevent injury to the recipient or others; and
  • To provide treatment in the least restrictive setting.

Admission Criteria

The admissions criteria for the referred individual are as follows:

  • Must be age 5 and above; and
  • Exhibit a marked reduction in their psychiatric, adaptive, or behavioral functioning; or
  • An extreme increase in personal distress; and/or
  • Has co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.


  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Individualized Service Planning
  • Case Management
  • Medication Management Education
  • Life and Independent Living Skills Training
  • Social Skills Enhancement
  • Brief and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution Focused Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention & Stabilization (including Residential for adults)
  • Short-Term Housing and Residential Placement
  • Linkage to Community Resources
  • 24 Hour / 7 Day per Week Emergency Response