Available Positions

Crisis Counselor-(Residential & Community-Based)

Duties & Responsibilities

This position is one that goes out into the community to provide temporary housing and other various services needed for crisis stabilization. This program is also provided in a residential crisis center.  Provide brief treatment, crisis counseling, intervention, and stabilization services to clients experiencing an acute mental health and substance abuse dysfunction. Conduct pre-screening, treatment planning, and service coordination on a regional basis. Collaborate with clients in coordinating therapeutic schedule between identified client and/or respective family members regarding the referral. Contact all parties within two (2) hours after receiving referrals. Conduct on-going clinical, substance abuse, and housing assessments with client/family day-to-day as deemed appropriate by needs of client and program. Complete ISP within three (3) face-to-face contacts of the initiation of services or sooner based on specific program. Collaborate with referral sources and other service providers to gather data to complete assessment and provide care to client. Complete necessary legal documentation and obtain signatures of client and legal guardian(s). Maintain contact with Program Director/Field Supervisor and provide updates of status of referrals. Remain within the guidelines of the referral at all times, as with the required authorization period and number of hours allocated for client/family. Obtain authorization for the services provided. Make referrals to health care provider for medical needs and well-child screenings, and other community-based services as needed. Maintain a strengths-based client-centered family-focused approach while working with clients to assist in the retention of dignity and the development of intrinsic qualities. Provide one-to-one support and advocacy for client and their family, while modeling how to establish and/or strengthen supportive relationships. Explore creative ways to engage client in fostering change and trying new techniques. Provide the most effective treatment interventions to all clients/families. Remain abreast of changes within the human services field. Represents agency in community and actively participate in interagency activities. Maintain a caseload of 2-4 clients.

Education & Experience

Must possess a Bachelors Degree from a four-year college or university in human services plus a minimum of one (1) year of clinical experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Masters Degree in human service field preferred – Licensed Mental Health Professional or License Eligible. Supervisory experience is a plus.

Mental Health Counselor

Duties & Responsibilities


We are a premier mental health counseling agency utilizing a holistic approach to heal the mind, body, and spirit of the clients we serve! We hire Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHPs) according to Virginia state regulations for mental health service providers. We are seeking creative, innovative change agents to motivate and inspire for the advocacy of our clients!

Mental Health Counselors work 1 to 1 with clients diagnosed who have a mental health diagnosis. Must be willing to provide services in clients’ homes using your personal vehicle. Duties include:

  • Documenting sessions on daily progress notes
  • Completing Individual Service Plans, Quarterly Reports, Monthly Reports, and Discharge Summaries
  • Implementing clinical interventions to aid client in developing positive coping skills
  • Participating in mandatory supervision sessions

Education & Experience

Must possess a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university in Human Services, Psychology, Child Development or related field. Experience required: One year working with individuals with mental and emotional illnesses.