Outpatient Therapy


To restore, enhance, and/or maintain a person’s level of development and alleviate symptoms that significantly interfere with their functioning in at least one area of their life.


  • To assist individuals in maintaining their optimal level of functioning
  • To utilize interventions, techniques, and modalities to aid individuals in alleviating symptoms that impede their growth; and
  • To provide efficient and quality services at the best level of care.


Individuals ages 3 and above (individual, couple, group and/or family) who:

  • Requires treatment in order to sustain behavioral or emotional gains or to restore cognitive functional levels, which have been impaired;
  • Exhibits deficits in peer relations, dealing with authority, hyperactivity, poor impulse control, clinical depression, substance abuse, sexual-specific issues, or demonstrates other dysfunctional symptoms having an adverse impact on attention and concentration, the ability to learn, or the ability to participate in employment, educational, or social activities;
  • Is at risk for developing or requires treatment for maladaptive coping strategies; and/or
  • Presents a reduction in individual adaptive and coping mechanism or demonstrates extreme increase in personal distress.