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The NDUTIME Youth Leadership Initiative is a youth leadership centered initiative organized to offer college scholarships, curriculums designed to facilitate servant-leadership development, enhance life skills as well as equip and empower youth who desire to become servant-leaders in their community.

Our desire is to support youth who are passionate about making a difference through community advocacy and activism and express a sincere desire to attend college and/or a trade school. Your tax-free donations will assist us in this effort as we endeavor to transform our communities one youth at a time.

Africa Community Exchange (ACE)

Africa Community Exchange (ACE), a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization, supports several humanitarian projects to assist in the reconstruction of Liberia. The Ann Sandell International School is just one of them. The story of how the school came about is extraordinary as is shared here by a member of the Board of Directors of ACE (Rose Sherman).

For more information about ACE you can call 804-379-8855 or visit the website: