Therapeutic Group Homes

NDUTIME operates “Joshua I & II” as therapeutic independent living group homes for adolescent males between the ages of 13-19. Our purpose is to address issues and/or problems of adolescents who are dealing with some form of mental health distress, which has resulted in an out-of-home placement.

Our Goal

Youth will be transformed from the uncertainty of their adolescent years (caterpillars) to responsible and community conscious adults (butterflies).

Our Plan

To offer an array of services dedicated to the reduction of maladaptive behaviors exhibited in the lives of the adolescents we serve with an emphasis in the areas of forgiveness and servant-leadership.

Description of Population

  • Population Served: Mental Health/Emotionally and/or Behaviorally Disturbed/ Neglected/Sexually Reactive Offender Specific Issues/Abused
  • Capacity: 6 Males per home
  • Staff to Resident Ratio: 1:4 during wake hours and 1:6 during sleep hours/overnight.

Admission Criteria

The admissions criteria for the referred individual are as follows:

  • Adolescent males between the ages of 13 – 19 prior to date of admission;
  • DSM 5 Mental Health Diagnosis – classified as emotionally and/or behaviorally distressed;
  • Is in need of a supportive structured living environment due to an inability to function adequately in a less restricted environment;
  • Is in need of greater independent living skills and transitional assistance for community reintegration; and
  • Facility/community resources can meet educational needs.

To submit a referral for Therapeutic Group Homes, please fill out the Therapeutic Group Homes Referral.